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random thoughts

Many years ago, I noticed that I could never write like what is in my head. In the safety of my brain, wondrous worlds and fantastic adventures would unfold.

But, they always seemed so flat when I put them on paper. I used to think it was the words I used. I just had to become a better writer. While that is true, I’m not sure that even the best of writers really puts down what he has inside his skull.

After all, inside my head is more than words. More than images. It is emotions. A tangle of emotions that are invoked without an image, a word, a scent, or anything tangible or even something easily related to the tangible.

On paper or screen, all I have is words.

A skilled word smith can try to invoke the emotion or the image to their reader. Though I think most writers get caught on the image and physical senses.

The best ones get you to feel the feelings.



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